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<0> Kernel panic: Aiee, killing user-friendliness!
| /home ×
$ ls -a
$ _

|  /dev  ×
$ ls
$ _
|  _ ×
[adimitro@localhost:~] $ cat /etc/motd

printk("hijacking syscall_call (d3F!4nT2t3H3nD): \n pid: %d - eax: %lx, ebx: %lx, ecx: %lx, edx: %lx, edi: %lx\n", current->pid, \ regs->orig_eax, regs->ebx, regs->ecx, regs->edx, regs->edi);

Latest News:

Fri Apr 22 14:50:35 EDT 2011

Sun Dec 27 19:40:42 EDT 2009

My spanking new 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 650R is amazing! Enjoy the pics.

Mon Oct 17 18:21:42 EDT 2005

My newest passion (after computers of course :-)) - hiking in the mountains. I just visited Amicalola Falls, GA over the weekend and I had a great time. I am not novice to hiking in general. I used to spend many weekends hiking in the area of Bakadjika - Yambol, Bulgaria and Rila, Pirin and Rodopi mountains when I was younger. It seems that my busy schedule has greatly contributed to my absence from hiking for the past 7 years but this is all about to change. I just got geared up and I will be going back this weekend and the weekend after for 1 and 3 days respectively. I am not a blogger (and I hate that this page is starting to resemble a blog) but I simply couldn't help my excitement over this :-) I will post the pictures as soon as I get back... (In the meantime enjoy part of my gear: Merrell Chamelion II Stretch Gore-Tex XCR hiking shoes and The North Face Crestone 75 backpacking pack. SWEET!)

Fri Sep 2 22:03:49 EDT 2005

The most stupid admin error ever:
# chown -R user {user_dir}
Because of which I may be labeled as a bad person. The soft link is to /usr/local/bin/bash and in my home directory. "And the truth shall set you free!" - we'll see about this :-)

Update: Should have 0wn3d ur @$$ just for being retards "after all, we're all alike". All good in the neighborhood {phew}. I have a feeling you are gonna hate me next time :-)

Tue Aug 2 22:13:58 EDT 2005:

So... another busy summer :-) Interniship at Administrative Information Systems (EITS) at UGA, teaching the Computer Science 1100 labs, and taking 9 credit hours of masters research and directed study dealing with mitigating the impact of denial of service attacks (mostly distributed). The results: really tired :-) I am probably going to take off to Florida the week before school starts and reboot my natural computer system called my brain. Viewcore has been almost ported to solaris and the sparc architecture. I just have a few minor details to furnish. PS: Thanks to the guys @ jaguarpc.com for hooking me up with a free upgrade to my hosting plan: 5GB space and 75GB trafic/mo. Rock on!

Sun Apr 10 22:39:15 EDT 2005:

Due to the heavy load related to school work I have been unable to spend much time with viewcore's further development and porting. Regardless of my stale development I just found something which made me quite satisfied. People actually find my software useful and that's simply the biggest reward for me. Thanks Olle E. Johansson (http://edvina.net) for your comments on http://www.voip-info.org/wiki-Asterisk+debugging. Thanks Matt F. for your comments on http://www.mail-archive.com/
. What you mentioned is greatly appreciated. Cheers mates! Let me know if you would like something in particular added to the project. I will do it in a heart beat regardless of my current load! I'd also like to welcome all comments about the new look of my website. If you are having trouble viewing some page or it is displaying incorrectly please let me know. Comments about design and implementation are also more than welcome.

Sat Aug 14 22:05:17 CDT 2004:

It has been a very busy summer... But hard work pays off. I was admitted to UGA-Athens, GA for M.S. in CSCI starting Fall 2004. I was one of 10 accepted students, including PhD students. The number of graduate students is 120 out of which 50 are PhD and the rest M.S. So this makes me feel good about me. Finally I will be able to start back on viewcore's further development and maybe start something new in the mean time.

Sun Mar 28 12:45:56 EST 2004:

I just finished with another update to the mac port of viewcore. Somehow I think that I was probably supposed to have all this in first release and version, so I didn't add a version. So one can use the old links to get to the new code. This time I went over all the command sections and finally over the thread state (the GPR when the precess got suspended and dumped on to secondary). The output is appr. 6000 lines most of which are quite repetitive and meaningless but the "snapshot" is now at the bottom and soon I will make sure I add meaning to the rest. Cheers mates!

Thu Jan 22 23:20:10 EDT 2004:

So I finally found some time to make a clone of viewcore for Mac OS X. I have currently only compiled it under 10.3.2 but I don't see a reason for it not to be compatible with any OS X. For right now I have only worked with the mach-o header. Unfortunately time is what I lack terribly. Also I have made some updates to the Linux clone but I haven't had time to upload them and package them. Soon I hope ...

Fri Nov 14 21:13:57 EST 2003:

I am now the proud owner of an 12-in Apple Power Book G4. I think that this is by far the best laptop that I have ever gotten my hands on. I would recommend it to everyone but be prepared - the linux side of Mac OS X is very "strange". It's almost like you are "at home" (linux) but not really :-) Other than that, the performance is excellent and it only has a slight problem with getting to plain console. I hope I will get to start writing some mach-o related code soon...

Mon Sep 1 19:20:22 EDT 2003:

I made a few viewcore updates. One was to finalize the notes section loop. Next step in regards to this will be to figure out the Solaris note types and create an equivalent structure to handle it on Linux. Also I found the original ELF header at 0x1000 so I suppose for right now I decided to actually display it. Also parallel to this I will try to implement the disassembling procedure. Hope after all this and my 7 classes this semester I will be actually able to proudly put something in the docs/ directory...

Oh yeah... by the way I moved the project to a different directory viewcore's page is now here.

Sun Aug 3 20:53:46 PDT 2003:

My latest project has been a core filedebugging program for the Unix operating system. It only works on RedHat 9.0 for right now. I tried to compile it on RedHat 8.0 but something was wrong. So YES you do need RedHat 9.0 to actually successfully compile it. I will soon be adding support for Solaris 9, more note types, and different section types. I am still just in the beginning stages of developement and you will have to excuse my bad or no comments, but things will start to look better soon I promise :-) Soon I will also come up with a HOWTO and documentation for viewcore.
RPM Sources:viewcore-0.1-1.src.rpm
RPM Binariy (RedHat 9.0):viewcore-0.1-1.i386.rpm

Browse Sources:
Version 0.1 Release 1:viewcore-0.1
Sample Output:output.txt

Fri Mar 7 22:18:40 EST 2003:

I suppose that I finally tried to compile the KDE 3.1.0 sources since we still don't have the binaries in rpm format from RedHat.
Total download time: 2.5 days over 56K;
Total install time: 3 days after much tweaking, with P4 1.7 GHz !

I have to admit that it really works out great and it looks awesome. But the Xinerama support sux and some of the GL screensavers do not appear on :1 but only :0. The task bar cannot extend to the next screen and the only way to compensate for its length is to add an extension "Child Panel". I love KDE but these guys need to do good bit of work on it.

[adimitro@localhost:~] $ _

(o>    /+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+>
//\\--< |P|o|w|e|r|e|d| |b|y| |L|i|n|u|x|>
U_/_   \+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+ +-+-+-+-+-+>